Convert number to binary, octal, decimal & hexadecimal

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Number to binary, octal, decimal & hexadecimal.

Convert numbers to binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal at the same time.
With this tool you can pass any number to different number systems at once! Just type the number you want and press convert, you will automatically see it passed to all systems, and without having to change pages ... Also, if you want you can hide the system you do not need to see. This tool will help you study and work in the easiest, most comfortable and fastest way.

How to use this tool?

It's very convenient to have everything in one place, so this tool was created to facilitate everything and not have to change the pages according to the number system you want to pass. But in case you have any questions, I will show you how it works:

1 Enter the number you want to convert in the right place. In this case I will pass the binary number "1101".

convert to binary

2 Press "Convert."

convert to binary

3 You will automatically see it passed to all systems.

convert to binary

4 If you wish, you can see only the number systems that interest you by clicking "Show / Hide".

convert to binary

As you can see, it is very comfortable to see everything in one place. At, we strive to make the tools more comfortable and work better to facilitate work. You may want to add to your favorites.

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